Bodyweight Strength

When it comes to strength, the ability to master one's own bodyweight is often lost, and the focus switches to mastering a barbell, or weighted machine. By isolating muscles, people can develop imbalances in muscular strength and often suffer injuries. I use equipment - such as the TRX - to assist in building supreme total body strength, balance and stability. By working the body unilaterally I ensure everyone has a stable base from which to develop and progress.

At Tatum Nelson Fitness, the focus is on total body strength, and attaining power that belies ones size.

Core Stability

A strong core forms the platform from which a high level of fitness can be built and is as important for a casual gym-goer as it is for an Olympic Athlete.

Without developing the core, fitness gains will be limited, progression will be slow and the risk of injury will increase.

At Tatum Nelson Fitness, foundations will be built so the client can continue to achieve.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness plays a leading role in overall health, and is often neglected in today's busy lifestyles.

Tatum will ensure this is not the case and through her training regimes she will include elements to nurture and improve this whether it be apparent to you, or cleverly disguised for the person who hates cardio work!

At Tatum Nelson Fitness cardiovascular health will lead to you feeling better, having more energy and losing weight as an added benefit!

Tatum has developed a unique, effective approach to fitness that has proven success.

She brings together her background as an elite athlete and her years of studying ballet to create the perfect full body work out that will leave you feeling invigorated!

Both men and women can benefit from Tatum's approach - it is simple:

Tatum Nelson Fitness for Him

"I have trained alongside the best male athletes in the world, I have spent time studying and learning how they develop their physiques, and for male clients I place more emphasis on this skill set honing an enviable physique and gaining superior strength."

Tatum Nelson Fitness For Her

"I practised ballet for years, and reached elementary level, the highest grade that can be taken. My passion for dance and my experience of the amazing benefits it can have on the way you not only feel but also how your body looks has led me to integrate it into my workouts. Basing more of the workout on ballet to develop lean, beautiful, elongated muscles."

Of course there's nothing to say the emphasis has to be this way! I will tailor the workout to suit your needs.

Tatum Nelson Fitness - where fitness is a lifestyle.